Ben Cornel: Lead Vocals, Bass Julian Iac: Guitar, Backing Vocals Alex Segreti: Drums, Backing Vocals Produced by MOOCH Recorded by Dave Traina @ Freq Shop, Joe Segreti @ SEGPOP Mixed & Mastered by Julian Iac @ Icebox Studios Cover Art by Alex Segreti


Riiver Brukes 2021

Riiver Brukes

Bruno Pelletier 1997

Bruno Pelletier

Où Que Tu Sois
Lyrics: Joe Segreti, Bruno Pelletier, Maria Gallucci.
Music: Joe Segreti.
Producers: Joe Segreti, Bruno Pelletier.
Engineer: Claude Champagne, Marc Girard, Frédéric Saltier , Alain Perreault..
Drums: Michael Alati.
Guitars: Joe Segreti.
Bass: Peter Santiago.
Keys: Pierre Grimard.
Perc: Luc Boivin.
Vocals: Bruno Pelletier ,Joe Segreti, Kim Richardson.
Paix & Guerre.
Lyrics: Joe Segreti, Bruno Pelletier.
Music: Joe Segreti.

Double Platinum Award

Christine Forget 2000

Christine Forget

Songs 1,3,4,6 Music and lyrics by Joe Segreti Lyrics by Maria Gallucci
Tamara Dupuis 2009

Tamara Dupuis

Barrage 2000


afterlife 1994


Music by : Joe Segreti.
Arrangments: Afterlife.

Jackie Primard 2022

Jackie Primard

Re-Recorded Segpopb Studio
Janice Primard February 15 at 9:33 AM · On this last Dec. 3, our lives were completely shattered and forever changed…Our dad, Jackie Primard, suffered a massive stroke… it left him completely paralyzed on his right side and took his ability to speak and communicate with us. My siblings and significant others have been devastated and trying to survive for the past 75 days, living in the unknown of what’s to come and what kind of life he will be able to have. 💔 You see, my dad is the best person I know. He’s the most humble down-to-earth soul I’ve ever known, and my very best friend. He has always been there for us, through thick and thin, and is our biggest confidant for any and all situations in our lives. This is a man who loves to talk, loves his kids and grandkids to the ends of the earth, and loves God will all his heart 💙… we are keeping the faith that God is in control of every little thing, and although it’s hard to accept what’s happened and how traumatizing it’s been (for him especially), I truly believe that God is working through it all and in Him we put our trust. In the past year before the stroke, my dad had gotten back into working on his music and was really enjoying it 🎵….writing & recording and having a vision for his musical art, he found a new motivation for his music…”j’entends les notes and les chansons en m’endormant”, he’d say… he was excited to work on his projects. We were waiting on the completion of one of his songs and then the stroke hit him… the final version of the song (with the organ track he absolutely wanted) was mixed and completed a few days after his stroke.. I got super emotional hearing the final product…I had seen the evolution of this song in its every step and I couldn’t get his final thoughts on it.. but I believe it turned out the way he envisioned it. And so today, in honor of his 68th birthday 🎂, I’ve decided to release this song, entitled “Coming Along”, and hope you all enjoy his musical talent. I’d like to thank everyone who worked on this song, the heart and soul you put into it in support of my dad’s innate talent for songwriting. “Coming Along” written by Jackie Primard Lead Guitar and Vocals - Jackie Primard Bass - Joël Bertrand B3 - Sylvain Bélisle Electric Guitar, Slide, Back Vocals, Mix and Mastering - Joe Segreti ( We hope you enjoy it 💙 And if you are a fellow believer in our God above, please hold a special prayer for our dad…for his possible rehabilitation on this earth, and above all, for God’s comfort in his heart and spirit during this most difficult time of his whole entire life 🙏🏻🌹 *Song has been released on all platforms.. Spotify, iTunes, youTube, TikTok, etc* 🎵 youTube link: Bonne fête Pa, je t’aime de tout mon coeur ♥️

Pat sciortino 2021

Pat Sciortino

Vocals : Pat Sciortino

Recorded at :SEGPOP Studio.
Produced and Engineered by: Joe Segreti.

Moussa D. 2021


Moussa d

Vocals : Moussa D.

Recorded at :SEGPOP Studio.
Produced and Engineered by: Joe Segreti.

Starstruck Avenue 2017

Starstruck Avenue

Lyrics and Music by: Adam Radamir, Felice Mendicino, Joe Segreti.

Main Vocals, Guitars : Adam Radamir.
Back Vocals, Guitar: Felice Mendicino.
Bass: Derick Mota.
Drums: Steve Mota.

Recorded at :SEGPOP Studio Produced and Engineered by: Joe Segreti Arrangments by: Starstruck and Joe Segreti

Starstruck Avenue 2012

felicia Ria

All music written and composed :Felicia Ria & Joe Segreti

All Vocals : Felicia Ria.
Drums : Alex Segreti.
Guitars ,Keys, Bass :Joe Segreti

Recorded at: SEGPOP Studio.
Producer : Joe Segreti.
Arrangements: Joe Segreti.

David Rades 2008

David Rades

All Vocals : David Rades.
Guitars ,Back Voc. :Joe Segreti.
Drums : Santino.
Bass. : EnzoDamico

Recorded at: SEGPOP Studio.
Producer : Joe Segreti.
Arrangements: Joe Segreti.Dave Rades

Riiver Brukes 2018

Riiver Brukes

All Vocals : Riiver Brukes

Recorded at: SEGPOP Studio.
Producer : Joe Segreti.

Justin Tatatone. 2023

Justine Tatone / Benedict Tan 2023
yin yang, harmony, balance-4401011.jpg


Mix Mastered at :SEGPOP Studio.
Engineered by: Joe Segreti.

OSA 2023



Recorded Vocals, Mix /Mastered at :SEGPOP Studio.
Engineered by: Joe Segreti.

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