Recording, Producer & Engineer.

My primary goal has always been about the song. To develop and capture the passion behind the performance and highlight the artistry of a band, or songwriter. To attain their fullest creative capacity without taking away any originality which was brought forth.

Songwriting / Arrangment.

A recipient of the prestigious “Socan Song Writer Award” for the top ten song of the year “ Ou que tu sois” Bruno Pelletier album MISERERE. My approach is truthful and honest. Never stepping over the boundaries set forth by the client. By creating an atmosphere of solid energy and excitement triggering positive vibes, all to serve in the best interest of the project. A recipient of a Gold , Platinum, and double platinum award, ( Miserere)  commemorating  sales over two hundred thousand Cd sold in Canada. My total commitment and devotion is 100% in pushing the threshold and attaining a successful and creative product in an environment that will inspire. Together we will achieve a competitive product in today’s ever changing market.

Mixing / Mastering.

My expertise and experience in the field will insure satisfaction and results. Our services are all options to take advantage in making your product stand out from the rest. When it comes down to the final stages there cannot any be doubt. To sound and be up there with the rest. There is no compromises, only solutions. My passion to the art of music is real. My role is to mutually satisfy and deliver a product of high standards.


Studio hourly rates: Engineer, Recording. $45.00 per hrs.

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